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Gutter FAQ

No Limit Gutters is a team of gutter contractors made up of supportive and friendly professionals. When we work for you, we bring our A-game to the table. Our services are insured and covered under WorkSafeBC coverage. We have gathered a few common questions for your reference. Go through them and if you can't find what you were looking for, send us your question using the form below.

How Do I Know If I Need New Gutters?

System failure is the most common reason for changing out your old gutters. Improper maintenance, poor installation, severe weather are all contributing factors to system failure. If you’re unsure we provide detailed inspections and recommendations.

What Type of Gutter Is Best?

As surprising as it sounds not all gutters are created equally. People try to save money on fascia boards by using fascia gutter. The “Crown-Mold”, “Two-Step” and other fascia gutters look nice, but quite simply they clog very easily and require tremendously more maintenance than conventional “Colonial” style gutter. We offer the “Colonial” style gutter in three sizes to fit any of your projects with or without fascia boards.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

This is entirely dependent on your surrounding area and what type of system you have. If the area you live in is heavily treed then you will require more maintenance than if your home is located in an open area. At the very least having your gutters cleaned and inspected once per year will save your home unnecessary damages in the long run!

Can My Leaky Corners Be Fixed:

Most of the time we can reseal the gutter. Avoid getting the “super gutter fix-it goo” from the hardware stores or local handyman, no offence Jim. But not all sealants play nice together and a mix of sealants can render your gutters out of commission.

Can My Roof Be Power Washed?

No. A lower pressure rinse is all that should ever be used on a roof. It is far to easy to cause unnecessary damage. The use of environmentally friendly non-destructive cleaners combined with proper techniques is essential for a job well done.

Why Are Some Companies so Much Less Money?

Beware of the “its a great deal” tactic! A professional company will have liability insurance as well as WorkSafeBC coverage. If you hire someone without proper insurance you could be held liable for all damages, personal and property. We carry five million in liability and are in good standing with WorkSafeBC.

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