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Get Comprehensive Gutter Repair and Upgrades

If you are looking for reliable professionals to offer quality gutter repair and upgrades, your search ends here! From leaf screen upgrades to leaky gutter repairs, we at No Limit Gutters have the systems and expertise to give you what you need. Ask about our aerial drone inspection service, which is available for all service areas, including Armstrong and surrounding areas, Sicamous, Enderby, Vernon, and Kelowna. We provide you with a comprehensive report complete with cost analysis for potential gutter repairs and upgrades to make your life easier. Not to mention flying a drone around is pretty darn fun! Call us today and talk to our representatives to schedule an appointment.

Products We Endorse (Because They Work)

Here are some products that come in handy during gutter installation, repair, and upgrades:

Men holding on to the gutter
Leaf screen
Enlarged outlet
Fast flow funnel
Inline pipe strainer


Leaf screen:

Enlarged outlets:

Fast flow funnel:

Inline pipe strainer:

It is a leaf screen and a hanger all in one, which is fast becoming an industry standard. The Alu-Rex system keeps leaves and debris from clogging your gutter. Its one-piece design increases the strength of your gutter, therefore making it a great system for snow and ice load. Check out their site ​

If your existing gutters are in good working order, but you live in a leaf-treed area, then our heavy gauge aluminum screen will help keep your gutters from getting clogged.

Our standard outlet is a 2 3/8″ round flush mount. Upgrading to a 2 3/4″ round flush mount maximizes water drain-ability. Both of these outlets are made of stamped aluminum, built to last the life of your gutters.

If you live near cedar and needle-type trees, then you know how much they plug up your gutters. The streamlined opening of the gutter funnel allows debris to flow out the gutter and down the downpipe. It is excellent for those pesky pine needles!

Does your gutter system connect to an underground piping system? If so, the inline strainer will save you on costly clogs. Combine with the fast flow funnel, and you will bring new meaning to low-maintenance gutters!

Roof pan

Roof pan:

Melting ice on roof edges and gutter

Heat trace cable:

XL gutter hanger

XL gutter hanger:

Rain chain

Rain chain:

Rain barrel

Rain barrel:

Downpipes or gutters that drain onto a lower roof should always be accompanied by a roof pan. Not only are there no more green streaks, but they also eliminate damage caused by erosion.

Excessive ice build-up in drains can cause safety hazards. The heat trace cable helps keep your gutters flowing smoothly during the winter months by melting away snow and ice accumulated on your roof and gutters.

Measuring in at 1″ wide, the XL gutter hanger is twice the width of a standard hanger. It is made from stamped aluminum which makes these hangers well suited for metal roofs. You can combine it with a snow strap for super strength!

A well-placed rain chain will add the look of elegance you’ve been seeking. From simple to complex, we have many different styles and materials.

This is an excellent way of watering gardens. The plumbing, complete with each barrel, taps into a downpipe of your choice.

For your free estimate on gutter repairs and upgrades, or to know more about gutter installation in Armstrong and surrounding areas, contact us today.

Not all gutter systems need to be renovated. We are more than happy to take care of your repair list!

Leaky corners:

A leaking gutter will do more than annoy. Concentrated water in the wrong place will cause the fascia board to rot. If the gutter leak is left for too long, then it will cause costly repairs. If the leaking gutter is caught quickly enough, then we can fix the leak, therefore, stopping any damage in its tracks. Here’s to saving you money and aggravation.

Loose gutter:

An eavestrough that has started to come off the house won’t direct the water and soon will be unrepairable. Fortunately for you, we only use quality parts and strong fasteners, giving you the best chance we can to eliminate this problem.

Detached downpipe:

When plastic outlets are used, it doesn’t take the Sun’s powerful UV rays long to degrade them, causing your downpipe to fall off. This doesn’t mean you need new gutters, but we recommend using aluminum outlets to make your gutters go the distance.

Water holding gutter:

Poor maintenance, improper installation and settling of your home are contributing factors for your gutters holding excessive water. If left unattended, the extra weight can cause your gutters to fall off, even taking your fascia boards with them! Also, with the growing concern of the West Nile, all standing water needs to be addressed.

Built-in rubber membrane gutter repairs:

Unfortunately, not the best system going. By the time you realize your system has a leak, extensive damage has already occurred. This usually involves utilizing your flood damage insurance. Having this type of gutter inspected regularly is a must-do. We have performed countless repairs with zero callbacks.

Have questions about gutter installations, repairs, and maintenance? Please visit frequently asked questions.


Please contact us for more information about our gutter installation services in Armstrong and surrounding areas!

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